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Re: OpenGL questions

>> Thanks...oh, and I'd also be very interested in doing some coding for
>> either the Linroids project being talked about or the "Elite"-like space
>> trading game. I'm very task-oriented, however, so someone would have to
>> point me in some direction and say "work on this" :)

Here is what has been done so far for the linroids project.  Most of the
routines have very little code, so any of them would be a candidate.

These are the routines that have absolutely no code so far.
void get_input()
void update_graphics()
void save_game()
void init_graphics()
void init_sound()
void init_network_connection()
void close_graphics()
void close_sound()
void close_network_connection()

"Work on this!" :)

(See attached file: simple.c)