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Re: XF86 and full-screen graphical console apps

Quoting Pierre Phaneuf (pp@ludusdesign.com):

> Yes, of course, but unlike svgalib, you'd have hundreds of well tested
> drivers, a lot accelerated and some having full acceleration. You'd have

I'm sorry to say so, but XFree86's acceleration is a bit of a joke. They do
not even have hardware accelerated XCopyImage blits. All Pixmaps are stored
in system memory, _NOT_ taking advantage of your up to 12 mb of ram onboard.
No support for simple things such as color keying (transparency). Using the
doublebuffering extension does not give any speed improvements, etc etc.
The only things that's accelerated in XFree86 is lines, cursors and fonts!
Nothing worth yelling "hurra" when trying to get some speed in games...

Magnus Norddahl