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Re: space game

Darel Finkbeiner wrote:

>>Standard C types, I'd rather avoid them and use something 
>>like *_int* types. 
>I don't mind saying that you lost me there.  I am assuming some sort of portable
>version of the standard types? 
>I was using them out of habit (plus it's been a while since I used C), but won't
>any SDK we decide to use enforce some sort of variable structure?

We at PPlay have defines for all datatypes that *could* show platform
specific behavior yet have to have an exact meaning, e.g.

typedef  long int      ppInt32; //guaranteed minimum size of 32Bits
typedef       int      pp32;    //guaranteed exact size of 32Bits
typedef  unsigned char ppByte;  //well, a byte

These types are used internally and it's advisable to use them in user code
too to make the code more cross-platform.
But your game should define its own types (and define them to the
respective API's types). That way porting to several APIs is easy.


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