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Re: XF86 and full-screen graphical console apps

Magnus Norddahl <mbn@dark.x.dtu.dk> wrote:
> I'm just saying that you do not gain any noticeable performance by
> XFree86...

... over...?  The part of the sentance that's left out
is the interesting part.

Really, what is the competition for xf86?  Commercial
X servers?  Sure, you'd sort of expect them to be
improvements to justify their existance at all.  But
many users feel that xf86 performs adequately enough
that they don't need to dish out for one of the 
commercial ones.

SVGAlib?  Well, it's not a windowing system.  But
even if we're only talking games, that suid-root on
the game itself is quite the turn-off.

KGI?  Maybe, except that it's alpha, and there's
no guarantee that it'll make it into an official
kernel release.

What else?  MS-Windows?  Let's not even go there...

So xf86 stands on its own.  If I'm reading you're
messages right, it seems that you've got hostility
towards it.  I can't help but wonder, why?
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