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Re: XF86 and full-screen graphical console apps

Magnus Norddahl <mbn@dark.x.dtu.dk> wrote:
> yep - stored in software. I have the same acceleration on my display
> (Riva128), but guess what: pixmaps are incredible SLOW. Just try and
> ClanLib's pacman game.
> Anyone that wants to mention XShm pixmaps used by other game sdk:
This is
> not hardware accelerated -> thus svgalib does it just as fast.

Oh, this reminds me.  Have you considered how GGI can
be beneficial to ClanLib?  The two libraries are 
hardly in competition... GGI is a unix-based graphics
lib, while ClanLib is an object-oriented, 
cross-platform game SDK.  Using GGI for the Linux side,
the two libraries could complement each other very

The multi-target ability of GGI would solve the ClanLib
problem of manually having to select the display target
at startup.  Plus, you'd get XSHM support for free.

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