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Re: interrupt current thread for a moment...

Michael Maher wrote:

> > Actually I have been thinking that redhat should do this sort of thing
> > with the actual rpm package itself so that the rpm package would be built
> > with the rpm format of the rpm system installed. This would help with
> > manually upgrading.
> There is something veryu recursive about this paragraph.  I'm not even
> sure of what you mean.  If you build a package ona system it will work on
> others and if you have some sort of conflict b/cof manually installed tar
> balls or something you can use --nodeps.  Though I advise against that.
> It's much saner to keep every main package on your system installed with
> RPM.
> -mike

              What happen if some one builds a package in a non redhat system?
Say I build in Suse (or caldera) will the package run if installed in redhat ?