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game development - volunteers?

send your comments on this idea:
linuxgames would maintain a list of people who are willing to help others with
game development in some way:

	[ the obvious and already existing stuff ]
	[ from www.linuxgames.org/howtostart
		>	Other things
		>		finding developers 
		+ programming
		+ porting to (linux)
		+ drawing 2d graphics
		+ 3d modelling
		+ designing
	[ what i need for the game i'm working on but don't want to pay for it ]
		+ making language spell checking/corrections
		+ making/providing/licensing music
		+ recording voice into audio files
		+ recording/providing audio effects (i know there are _many_ sounds and sound
libraries on the net but who wouldn't want to have everything original?)
		+ more

> "...so we could call it a 'human resources' site then?..."

Tomas Andrle
ICQ : 17688140
Two wrongs don't make a right
(but they make me feel a whole lot better)