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space game

oh yeah, in my last message I forgot to answer one question.

The table of jump gates is probably going to be a list of pointers to port
objects.  Each gate would have two port entries.  I have yet to do any work on
this code, but I am sending a copy of the Port class that you can reference.

/* GSG, pre-alpha, created and copyright by Darel Finkbeiner.
   This code is subject to the GNU Public License.   
   Warning:  this is in no way complete.  In fact it doesn't do anything yet except
   for altering some memory on your system.

#include <iostream.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int port;     //this holds the current port number, has to be a better way than global var

class Port {                                
	char* Name;
  int Minerals, Organics, Fuel;       //this is the actual amount of each
  int MinAvail, OrgAvail, FuelAvail;  //this is the amount that is gained each turn from mining
  Port(char* name) { 
    Name = name;
    MinAvail = 5;         //set up defaults for testing
    OrgAvail = 60;
    FuelAvail = 30;
  void setAmounts(int min, int org, int fuel) {   //used to set the starting amounts
    Minerals = min;
    Organics = org;
    Fuel = fuel;
  void showStats() {         //wouldn't a gfx version of this be nice?  :-)
    cout << Name << endl;
    cout << "Minerals:  " << Minerals << endl;
    cout << "Organics:  " << Organics << endl;
    cout << "Fuel:  " << Fuel << endl;
  void processTurn() {
    Minerals += MinAvail;
    Organics += OrgAvail;
    Fuel += FuelAvail;


Port *currPort;   //pointer to the current port object, again, I don't like this as a 
                  //global variable

Port* CreatePort(char* name) {
	Port* tempPort = new Port(name);
	tempPort->setAmounts(10, 10, 20);
	return tempPort;

struct PortMap {            //creates an array of port object pointers and initializes them
  Port *portList[5];        //later dev should allow for reading a file to restore a
                            //previously created galaxy, also be able to read in a list 
  PortMap() {               //of port names
    int x;

    for(x = 0; x < 5; x++) {//this obviously is where the major changes would be
      portList[x] = CreatePort("Unnamed");//They all have the same name, sigh


void MainLoop(PortMap *currMap) {    //mainloop
  // do stuff here.   I change this thing every five minutes to see if something is
  // working correctly.

void main() {
	PortMap *thisMap = new PortMap();
	port = 0;