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Re: OpenGL questions

>> I was thinking that each API/SDK could be used to write their own
>> of the same functions.  For example, say we had a draw_ship() function.
>> Hopefully people would contribute a SVGAlib draw_ship(), a GGI
>> a SDL draw_ship(), etc...
>> This would not only provide an example of how to use a specific API/SDK,
>> but
>> also provide a specific comparison between various tools.

>Uh ??  Are you sure you don't mean a generic DrawSprite, interfaced
>to SVGALib_DrawSprite, GGI_DrawSprite etc ?
>I'm not sure the suggestion would show a good idea for good
>software design, it sounds like abstracting at the wrong layer
>(or maybe I'm just not following here..)

Of course, design decisions like this would have to be made, but I was
merely trying to point out that the use of several API/SDKs interchangeably
would be helpful.