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General update...

The news group is set up.  Everything on this list is now posted to
news://sunsite.auc.dk/sunsite.linux.linuxgames and vice versa.

CVS and anonymous FTP (for the book and other projects) are on the way.

I've also made a homepage for Linroids at
http://sunsite.auc.dk/linuxgames/linroids where the source is
available.  If you would like to maintain this page (Peter?), let me
know and I'll email you the account information.

Finally, I was introduced to the wonderful world of IRC over the
holidays (bored out of my mind, downloaded mIRC to my mom's windows box
and hung out on efnet for a while) and I think we should have a meeting
to discuss the book, the webpage, and linux game development in
general.  Any takers?