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Is random game code relevent to linuxgames?

Some two weeks ago, a letter appeared in linuxgames, which asked if
linuxgames is simply "vaporware", since nothing much had happened in the
mailinglist the last couple of weeks. This ignited a _lot_ of activity,
namely updates of the webpage, writing a book (?), and starting to make a

This is all very well, and is all relevant to what linuxgames should be a
forum for. I do not however think, that it is very relevant for lots of
silly little snippets of useless code to appear in the mailing list,
presenting todays add-on to the ongoing make-a-game-of-some-sort contest.
If the people that are writing this game like doing this - which is great
- can't you possibly find some other way to exchange your views on this
game, than through the linuxgames mailing list, which as I see it, should
be reserved to more general discussions, like updating the webpage,
keeping track of the states of the various sdk's, discussing linux' future
as a gaming platform in general.

I do not write this letter because I want to flame, but I hope that the
amount of noise in the mailing list could be reduced somewhat, because
otherwise you could easily overlook something relevant.

	Martin Starch - ClanSoft