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Re: Is random game code relevent to linuxgames?

Martin Starch Soerensen wrote:
[ ...  various stuff deleted ...]
> I do not however think, that it is very relevant for lots of
> silly little snippets of useless code to appear in the mailing
> list, presenting todays add-on to the ongoing > > make-a-game-of-some-sort contest.

Even though I'm mostly a lurker, I have to agree...  It's not that I
care how much mail comes into my box, because I really don't, but when
there's 30 new messages from linuxgames, the chances that I'm going to
read all of them is significantly less than if there are 10.  And it
seems that linroids isn't quite on-topic... perhaps another forum should
be initiated for the book project...

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