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Re: Is random game code relevent to linuxgames?

> If the people that are writing this game like doing this - which is great
> - can't you possibly find some other way to exchange your views on this
> game, than through the linuxgames mailing list, which as I see it, should
> be reserved to more general discussions, like updating the webpage,
> keeping track of the states of the various sdk's, discussing linux' future
> as a gaming platform in general.

I agree.  This is actually why I added the linroids directory to our
homepage on SunSITE.  I guess I should have made that more clear.  As
for a discussion vehicule, I'm sure those involved can find something. 
Unless there is a large number of you, I suggest private email.

Feel free to use the list as a general resource, but try and keep the
content more academic.  I mean, now that you're organized and the code
is being written, I guess you've "graduated" from the list... sort of.

Do you see what I mean?