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Re: Is random game code relevent to linuxgames?

On Wed, 13 Jan 1999, Ian Crawford wrote:

>> If the people that are writing this game like doing this - which is great
>> - can't you possibly find some other way to exchange your views on this
>> game, than through the linuxgames mailing list, which as I see it, should
>> be reserved to more general discussions, like updating the webpage,
>> keeping track of the states of the various sdk's, discussing linux' future
>> as a gaming platform in general.
>I agree.  This is actually why I added the linroids directory to our
>homepage on SunSITE.  I guess I should have made that more clear.  As
>for a discussion vehicule, I'm sure those involved can find something. 
>Unless there is a large number of you, I suggest private email.

I am not shure how I feal about this one. Is there going to be a news
group that "mirrors" this mail list. That could be the best destinction
between the two ie send to list when its "new" and relegate the continuing
projects to the news group. That way the news group would get everything
and the mail list would only get the "new" ideas. One of the great things
about news is lots of traffic can be there without it cluttering up the
old inbox :)

>Feel free to use the list as a general resource, but try and keep the
>content more academic.  I mean, now that you're organized and the code
>is being written, I guess you've "graduated" from the list... sort of.
>Do you see what I mean?
There are more than just code fragments "cluttering" up the group. There
has been a lot of side comment ie after the point is maid a response sayes
hey thats really cool or bla bla yackity shmakity. Anyway alot of this
kind of thing can be turned over to private email as well. 

A certin amount of it is alright but the fourth post in a row thats just
editorialism (sort of like this very post !-) 

I will often respond personaly if I think the thread has gone of for too

ps Ian I'll get that list of authors to you in a little bit :) - see thats
an example of something I could have emailed just to Ian.

pss Relax lifes to short to get worked up over anything let alone Linroids
code or the space game code for that matter. 

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