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Re: Is random game code relevent to linuxgames?

This is actually my second response this posting.  I initially quoted the
message and responded to each point line by line since I disagreed with
almost everything
in it.  After reading through my response though, I realized that it would
do little good to take such an approach, so instead I will just state my
My feelings on Linux game development and Linux in general are the same:
It's all about code.
All the web pages, books, and SDKs in the world don't matter if people
don't sit down and
actually _code_ games.  The point of all this is to get more games and more
quality games for Linux isn't it?  This is why when someone suggested that
we write a simple game on this list, I thought it was a great idea.  People
who were previously not coding could have a fairly painless way to get
started, and also learn from others who had already tackled similar
problems.  Is the code posted crap?  Sure, maybe it is.  But who benefits
from calling it crap and moving on?  State why it is crap and post a better
solution, then we all can benefit.  Moving the discussion to private e-mail
is in my opinion exactly the opposite of what should happen, since the
whole point is to get more people interested and involved and learning so
that we can produce excellent games for Linux.
Thanks for your time.