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Re: Is random game code relevent to linuxgames?

Nicholas Lee wrote:

>> solution, then we all can benefit.  Moving the discussion to private e-mail
>> is in my opinion exactly the opposite of what should happen, since the
>> whole point is to get more people interested and involved and learning so
>However there is nothing stopping us, creating a linuxgames-linroids
>mailing list, and those people interested in recieving code and linriods
>related email can join there.  The list can even be put onto the news

Ok, here's my position:
I think this mailing list is for general discussions on Linux game
development, for helping with specific problems and to get projects started.
And here Linroids comes in - it's a starting project.

I think it's good to keep the Linroids mails on this list until the project
has stabilized somewhat. That means
* When CVS is up a dir (/games/linroids ?) is set up where you can
  place/keep/organize your code.
* same thing for ftp space
* someone sets up a website for Linroids (as part of the LGDC site ??)
  where you can place your design docs, first (evolving) coding docs, an
  ever-growing list of "weird things we encountered" etc
* at some point (relatively soon I think) a seperate mailing list is set up

And about the "unstructured code": You should first make some basic design
doc, containing info on
* exact aims (simple game for entry-level demonstration purposes / ...) 
* SDK(s) to use
* kind of gfx etc (2d tiled / 2d free / 3d space / ...)
* list of gameplay features and their priority and difficulty-to-implement
* same for code features
* same for required gfx items (textures/meshes/tiles/sprites/backgnd gfx/..)
* ...               sound

Then you can have a closer look at what code parts you need, e.g:
* 2d tile engine
* 3d space engine
* spaceship AI
* economics simulation
* sim of political parties
* port logic (repair/equip/... services, trading, warehouse organizatione
* space physics

(of course that's way too high stuff for a simple tutorial game - just an

And when you are at that stage you can start coding. Believe me, it helps
if you exactly define what you want to do beforehand. 


PS: The same of course also applies (more or less) to the Book thing


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