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Re: The Author list for LGP

Johnny Taporg wrote:
> Re: Tools
>   Same deal for media editing tools.  Image editors,
>   paint programs, renderers, modellers, map/level
>   editors, video editors, audio editors, etc.  I'd
>   be interested in hearing from people experienced
>   in using some of these.  I know and love the gimp,
>   povray is ok (would be better if there was a
>   companion modeller program).  MiXViews is useable
>   for editing sound, but there's a lot of room for
>   improvement.  I've heard of moonlight creator and
>   blender, but I'd like to hear more.  Anything else?

For modelling and rendering I would recommend blender - 
it really is very good. Watch some movies or tutorials
linked from blender page at http://www.blender.nl

The main problem with it is probably it's deliberate
ignorance of other 3d formats than IV 1.0,
videoscape and native blender. However the native format
is IMHO described on the homepage, so it should be possible
to make up convertors.