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Re: Mesa, GGI, etc

Quoting Joel Stanley (jstanley@up.edu):

> 3. Glide. I still haven't found a good definition of what this is. I know
> it relates to OpenGL/Mesa somehow but I can't figure it out for the life
> of me. Is it a GL extension specific to the Voodoo chipset...or what? :)

Glide is 3Dfx's own 3D library written especially for their Voodoo chips.
The glide library exists both in a dos, windows and linux version.

Mesa can take advantage of your 3Dfx card, if glide is installed on the
system. This is a _must_ if you own a 3Dfx card because you'll then get
decent performance out of Mesa (software rendering is just too slow in

Magnus Norddahl