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Re: Mesa, GGI, etc

Joel Stanley wrote:

>libraries. However, when I try to compile some of the demos which come
>with ggi, I get unresolved symbol errors when gcc gets to the link phase.

How do you compile them? With the auto-generated Makefile or by hand?
If you use the Makefile it should pass the proper options (-lggi -lm) to
gcc (at least it did this in my libggi20beta1).

>matters, either. I'm also getting an unresolved symbol when attempting to
>compile the C source which has functions used from math.h (sin, cos, sqrt,
>etc)...which is _very_ odd imho. I don't have the same problem if I use

gcc only links to libc by default. If you need additional libs (such as
math and ggi) this has to be specified on the cmdline 
( -l<base libname>  , e.g. -lm for libm.so , -lggi for libggi.so).
But as I said above - the generated Makefile should do that.

>2. General GGI question. The GGI homepage explicitly states that a kernel
>patch is not required to use GGI. My question is if they mean you can
>write code using the ggi libraries without a kernel patch? The GGI

libggi can display to KGI (GGI kernal patch), fbcon (included in
Kernels 2.1.xx +), X (plain X / Xlib / DGA), svgalib, aalib and some other

That means that your libggi-using program can run on all these things
without modification. If you run it in X it will run in a window (X/Xlib)
or fullscreen (DGA), if you run it on a console it will use svgalib or KGI
or fbcon (whichever is installed) and if you run it in telnet it will use
aalib (converting all gfx to ASCII art ;)

>to compile and run are _amazingly_ slow under X and don't want to run from
>the console. Do I need to patch my kernel to actually take advantage

Hmmm, the X stuff should be able to use X acceleration. Have a look at the
libggi docs, especially at the description of the differences between the
different X targets. Perhaps the default one is unaccelerated.

>bit here? If I don't have any luck here I'll certainly try the ggi mailing
>list, but the less mailbox spam the better :)

Well that's 30-80 mails a day (depends) - not too wild ;)


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