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Re: Mesa, GGI, etc

Joel Stanley <jstanley@up.edu> wrote:
> 2. General GGI question. The GGI homepage explicitly states that a
> patch is not required to use GGI. My question is if they mean you can
> write code using the ggi libraries without a kernel patch? 

The story on the GGI patch:  the kernel patch is
*optional*.  What you get if you apply this *optional*
patch is the ability to run ggi programs in the
console using KGI (as well as svgalib, fbcon, etc, 
which you could do already).

As for your other GGI questions, the GGI list is the
best place to get them answered.  Since you're worried
about the list volume (which I can understand), you
can use the following trick:  subscribe, mail your
questions, unsubscribe, and then follow the discussion
on the web.
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