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media tools (Re: The Author list for LGP)

Jarda Benkovsky <pvt.benkovsk@pha.pvtnet.cz> wrote:
> For modelling and rendering I would recommend blender - 
> it really is very good. Watch some movies or tutorials
> linked from blender page at http://www.blender.nl

I had a look at it, and it is good.  It comes with a
bit of a learning curve - reminds me of older days
when only the true hackers used computers - but
definately good.

> The main problem with it is probably it's deliberate
> ignorance of other 3d formats than IV 1.0,
> videoscape and native blender. However the native format
> is IMHO described on the homepage, so it should be possible
> to make up convertors.

Maybe that's one of the secondary services they plan
to offer to make themselves profitable... a
3DS -> blender converter. :)
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