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Re: clanlib, ptc and ggi

Magnus Norddahl <mbn@dark.x.dtu.dk> wrote:
> Someone said that PTC has support for ggi. But my version of PTC
doesn't. So where can I get this version of PTC?

If you look in the same web page as the X11 version,
one of the files is a ggi version of PTC.  It's
different than the X11 version, but they are source-

> The PTC X11 implementation in ClanLib uses the normal Xlib to
provide input - but how is this handled with ggi?

I'll assume using a similar mechanism via gii.  You'd
have to double-check to be sure.

I believe that PTC began life as a portable library
intended for demo coders, so input wasn't a big deal
at first.  There was a draft input-spec on their
development list recently, so I'd expect the input
situation to change for the better.

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