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Re: COM (or similar) in games

Pierre Phaneuf wrote:

> Normally, what COM does doesn't require much resource to do *during* the
> life of objects. The problem I had with XPCOM is that it needed NSPR and
> other stuff (I think it also needed a Berkeley DB library), which goes
> for a huge library to link in, considering NSPR isn't quite standard on
> Linux (or on anything else) and that we'd have to ship it along... If I
> remember, all it was using it for was memory management and hash tables!

We don't use any external libraries for our COM implementation. But naturally
we don't have full COM implemented. Only what we need to be able to
work with dynamically loadable components.

> A COM system done the right way will (should) not incur runtime speed
> overhead more than C++ virtual methods would, for example.



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