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Re: COM (or similar) in games

Pierre Phaneuf wrote:

> > > Note: Stephen Quattlebaum (quatt001@bama.ua.edu) is working on an extended
> > > version of my COM library that, for one thing, will support COM operations
> > > across processes and threads under Linux. This will greatly expand the
> > > functionality of the scripting support. It will probably not be completed
> > > for a long time. I don't know if he's looking for help or not, but if you
> > > have some COM experience and are willing to help out, you might want to
> > > talk to him.
> > >
> > So contact Stephen if you want to know more about this.
> Both what you mention earlier ("a more general and full-featured COM
> library for Linux") and what Stephen is developing is the same thing
> right? Or is it different? If it is different, where can I get the first
> one?

It is the same thing.

> I'll contact Stephen about that one anyway, maybe I will be able to help
> finish it, but keep in mind I am not interested in COM/DCOM
> compatibility as much as a good usable dynamic component library. I like
> XPCOM better than the original COM, for that matter, but the need for
> NSPR is preventing me from using it...

I don't know exactly how Stephen is doing it but he based his code on the CS
COM code. You have the choice. You can start either with the CS COM code
which is simple but effective for our needs or else contact Stephen and see
if you need any of the stuff that he will be adding.

But don't take the COM code from CS version 0.11r047. We're hunting down
a bug in that version right now :-(


Jorrit.Tyberghein@uz.kuleuven.ac.be, University Hospitals KU Leuven BELGIUM

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