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OT: Re: findfirst(), etc.

Christian Reiniger wrote:
> Felix Kollmann wrote:
> >I wanted to update our Linux version but it looks like that there is no
> >function like finfirst(), etc.
> What is findfirst () supposed to do?

I think he's talking about the DOS kludge^H^H^Hfeature find first, it's
one of the DOS service interupts (I deleted my interrupt lists after I
finished my ICA paper and am not going to look them up on the net).

For some reason there were two seperate interrupts.. Find first (file
matching file mask), and find next (ditto). 

>From memory you put a file mask somewhere, put the offset:address
somewhere, call the find first interrupt service, and that returns the
first matching file. Then you call the find next interupt service...you
get the point.

I'm assuming findfirst(), findnext() are part of dos.h .. And are merly
C wrappers (or whatever the applicable name is) to save people from
having to use ASM. 

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