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Re: Problem (oh no!)

>>>>> "Wille" == Wille Huuskonen <vilohidi@mbnet.fi> writes:

Wille> I have no idea why this doesn't work, but I'm angry :-):
Wille> for(carnum=0;carnum<8;carnum++)
Wille> for(y=0;y<carsize[carnum*2];y++)
Wille> for(x=0;x<carsize[carnum*1];x++)
Wille> car[x+(y*carsize[carnum*1])][carnum]=
Wille> sprites[x+xoffset+(y+yoffset)*spri\tewidth];

Wille> It says: invalid operands to binary * So what's the matter?

Seems like you have encountered a sneaking backslash ;-)  So:



caffeine low .... brain halted