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Re: Tools

Erik wrote:

>Ok, while I'm kinda sorta talking about drivers and shtuff, if anyone listening
>developes drivers or api's or knows ppl who do.. I think it's very important
>that the API for all the features should be there, even if driver support is
>not. Even if no 3d cards work, we should have the api to do 3d sound in oss or
>alsa or whatever. Even if we can't wiggle force feed joysticks, we should have
>the API to control the servos in them. If these things aren't supported, we
>should probably mark them as not being implimented, but we should have them
>there. For once, coders will write their programs to use them so they don't
>have to modify crap when the support DOES get there. The second reason is it
>tells the hardware guys and driver writers that we HAVE a standard way and we
>HAVE the api and all they got to do is plug their hardware into our system and
>it magically works. (am I wrong?)

No, you're completely right.

Back to PPlay coding,

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