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Re: Tools

Pierre Phaneuf wrote:

>> "automatic" handling of making sure a change in vc's or windows is handled
>> appropriately (like I can hit alt+f3 and it doesn't stay in fullscreen
>> opengl mode.)
>This one is hard to get right with some targets, particularly the
>console ones. For example, on a VC switch, you have to give up the
>content of your video memory, on and offscreen. I guess moving the data
>in video memory to system memory before doing the VC switch is the right

This was discussed on the GGI list some time ago - and it's problematic.
New cards come with 32MB memory, and you can relatively easily get one with
64M. 128M cards are available. So "swapping out" the video mem can be
really hard on the system.

Saving only basic card state (mode etc) and giving the game a "redraw"
signal afterwards should be a better solution.


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