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PenguinPlay (was: Tools)

Pierre Phaneuf wrote:

>The main problem I felt with the PenguinPlay effort was the apparent
>lack of anything actually going on. It looked like so much vaporware. Go
>on news://news.lokigames.com/loki.open-source.sdl and read a bit. SDL is
>so actively developed it's actually hot to the touch! I update all of my
>CVS workspaces every night and you can be sure there's plenty of stuff
>going on in the SDL one! On the other hand, the PenguinPlay one is
>rather dead...

Yesterday I committed about 60kb of new code, and generally I manage to do
do about 2-3 commits a week (not that size - mostly bugfixes, cleanups, doc
updates etc). More is quite difficult to achieve, as I have  many things to
do beside PPlay :(

The website doesn't reflect that very well, as I'm onlywriting news bits
when some greater change happens / is completed.
Perhaps I'll write some add-newsitem-via-mail script to lower the laziness
hurdle ;)

Anyway, IMHO LibPPlay is proceeding quite nicely regarding the number of
active people (right now that's two, and these two have to do everything in
the project).


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