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Re: PenguinPlay (was: Tools)

Philipp Gühring wrote:

>>Anyway, IMHO LibPPlay is proceeding quite nicely regarding the number of
>>active people (right now that's two, and these two have to do everything in
>>the project).
>In which state is PenguinPlay right now? Does it need a lot of help,
>or is it already useable?

PSound is AFAIK useable. It supports OSS, ESD and DirectSound as backends.
Reference documentation is available via the website, test/demo sources are
in CVS, but no intro/tutorial docs are written yet.

PFile is in early debugging (making it run and do basically what it
should), but all functionality is there and the design is really stable, so
bug fixing is all that's left for now. The manual (incl. intro/tutorial) is
up-to-date (available via the website), but no reference docs are written.
That's no problem however, as PFile mimics existing APIs (stdio + some
POSIX functions)

Both parts run both on Linux and Win32.
We're aiming for a 0.1 preview release now, which should come when PFile is
reasonably well debugged.

As for help: You could do some PFile testing (making up test cases, stress
testing etc) once I have the big bugs out, and Peter sure wouldn't mind
some help with PSound as well.

>In which state is GGI right now? I have the feeling that it slept in,
>and fades away. I am waiting for a usable version without beta
>status, and it doesn´t seem to come.

LibGGI development is quite quiet right now, but they're preparing for a
new beta. KGI on the other hand improves very fast. And many of its ideas
are being sneaked into the standard kernel bit by bit by an independent

>I heard the rumor that GGI will produce a DirectX layer, so that GGI
>Games run on Windows. Will this come true?

It's running. Yesterday someone posted the following message to the GGI

John Fortin wrote:
> All,
>         I am happy to announce that I have a working X-Server using XGGI
> running under Win98.
>         * Mouse Tracking, LButton, RButton work
>         * KB works
>         I have Successfully run xterm, twm, xclock, oclock, xmag, x11perf,
> aixterm, xterm (from aix), ddd (from aix)
>         Now it is a matter of fine tuning.
>         The current version runs in a window, not full screen.  I did this for
> debugging purposes, but I think I like it.
>         Things to do:
>         - make version for NT
>         - clean up mouse support, add 3-button support
>         - more fonts needed
>         - make window moveable
>         - optimize the code better

(The guy's address is John Fortin <fortinj@ibm.net>)

That means a working LibGGI/Win32 exists and it's capable enough to support
an X server.


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