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Re: hi this is bill

*All that information on How To Be A Better Person (tm): Snipped*

Don't get me wrong; but I disagree.  Two things:

One, learning through experience is an excellent way of learning. Sure you need some
_basic_ programming skills, but you don't need to be a Wiz at open GL before you
even start. No offence; but don't discourage enthusiasm. I'm sure, if you start now,
and begin writing a game with minimal programming skills, it'll take you 'bout 2-3
years to write a good game. By the end of it, you'll have a hell of a better idea
about what you're doing. Even if you made mistakes along the way. It's a good way
(in my oppinion) to go.

Two, _you_ may not be interested, but this is sure as hell on open public forum. If
he want's to post half brained schemes (Heh. No offence bill), to try to get some
enthusiasm from some lurker who might be interested in taking it up with him and
actually doing something, Why not??

As I said, no offence intended; but I've seen more than a few people (around where
I study), discouraged by a "bit shot" in what ever field and give up on their plans.
Sorry if this is off topic. *bows slightly and leaves*

Shadow Mint.