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Re: Fwd: Sounds

Christian Reiniger wrote:

> I was just browsing the LGDC .. anyway, I've managed to find plenty of links
> to sites that have software for sound, midi, cd audio etc .. but what I'm
> really looking for (I'm developing a Linux game (Dave Gnukem)) is actual
> sounds, some wav files. Free ones that I can use in my game without fear of
> lawyers.
> Is there a repository of comletely free sounds? If so, I was just thinking
> it might be useful if you had a link on your page to such a repository for
> Linux game developers.

The X Ship Wars group was interested in this about 6 months ago now. Possibly
they found a site?
Try getting in touch with the coordinator at: http://fox.mit.edu/xsw/

Shadow Mint.