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Re: Debugging GL apps

>If your main program 'locks up', the shell script will automatically
>try to kill it 30 seconds later.
>There are more elegant ways to do this (eg with signals and such) - but
>this is easy to understand.

I always used to run SVGALIB and GLIDE development stuff with a little doofer in
the background that would kill them after 90 seconds. That usually would allow
enough time to see if it worked and reset the display and stuff back to
usability if things locked up. Failing that, another one would reboot the
machine 60 seconds later.

>If that's genuinely the case then you should report it as a Mesa bug.
>I don't use Mesa's software renderer much - so it's possible I might
>not have seen that.

I've not had Mesa in software lock up yet doing any of the clownish things I do
to it. I've had it fail to start sending me idles, but I'm not sure why and
can't get it to happen any more so I'm blaming me for that as well.