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Re: Debugging GL apps

"Keith Lucas" <klucas@atlan-tech.com> writes:

> I always used to run SVGALIB and GLIDE development stuff with a little doofer in
> the background that would kill them after 90 seconds. That usually would allow
> enough time to see if it worked and reset the display and stuff back to
> usability if things locked up. Failing that, another one would reboot the
> machine 60 seconds later.

Just wondering, does nobody use the Sys-Rq Key in the 2.2.x Kernels?
It allow to restore the keyboard mode, killing the programm on the
current and some more, basically all that is needed to restore a
locked system.

$ less /usr/src/linux-2.2.14/Documentation/sysrq.txt 

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