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Re: Tools

On Mon, Jan 10, 2000 at 01:52:59PM -0500, Pierre Phaneuf wrote:

> Me, I am currently *crap* at Quake3. I just made the transition from
> being a pretty good deathmatcher at Doom2 (played Quake2 single-player
> briefly), but the catch was that I played with the keyboard! With Doom
> adjusting the elevation of my shots automatically, it was cool, but for
> Quake, I had to go to the mouse. Now I suck. :-)

Me, I'm the other way around.  I sucked at Doom playing with the
keyboard.  But I'm a reasonable Quake player with the mouse/keyboard
combo.  I've since gone back to playing single player doom with
the new control methord and I've gone from not lasting very long
at "I'm too young to die" to finding it easy at "Ultraviolent".

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