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Re: Tools

Chris Purnell wrote:

> > Me, I am currently *crap* at Quake3. I just made the transition from
> > being a pretty good deathmatcher at Doom2 (played Quake2 single-player
> > briefly), but the catch was that I played with the keyboard! With Doom
> > adjusting the elevation of my shots automatically, it was cool, but for
> > Quake, I had to go to the mouse. Now I suck. :-)
> Me, I'm the other way around.  I sucked at Doom playing with the
> keyboard.  But I'm a reasonable Quake player with the mouse/keyboard
> combo.  I've since gone back to playing single player doom with
> the new control methord and I've gone from not lasting very long
> at "I'm too young to die" to finding it easy at "Ultraviolent".

For the first 5 or 10 levels of Doom2, I actually found it *easier* at
Ultraviolence than at the other levels! The reason is that more weapons
are available, like the shotgun right at the beginning of the first
level, that dispatches imps with a single well-placed shot...

My mouse-bound Doom co-deathmatchers were more effective than I (there
is no bound on the speed at which the mouse can move the character),
doing 180-shoot-180 in corridors, for example.

Now, I can beat some of the Quake 3 bots at the second difficulty level,
but that's not much! For example, the match with Phobos is completely
out of my reach, as he aims better than I dodge. :-)

Pierre Phaneuf