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Ricardo Rodríguez wrote:

> My name is Ricardo and I am Begginer... very Begginer.
> I have some knowledge of C and C++.
> My question is:
>  Which is the form of creating sprites, animations whit sprites, objects
> 3d in the screen?

These are really three very different questions...and there
is an important fourth question that you didn't ask.

* Creating 2D sprites is something that you'll probably
  start off doing in a Paint program like GIMP.  GIMP lets
  you paint an image, then create animations from it - either
  automatically (for simple things) - or by painting many
  images of your sprite in different positions.  Some people
  create sprites by rendering 3D models in a package like
  povray - that's pretty advanced stuff to start with though.

* To display 2D sprites in a game, you could write your own
  code to talk to libsvga or Xlib - but for a beginner, you'll
  want to start with a library of convenient sprite rendering
  routines.  Perhaps you should learn Clanlib or one of the
  other packages that do these things well.

* Creating 3D objects requires a 'modeller' - which is
  program that helps you to create the 3D models...kindof
  like a CAD package.  I currently use 'AC3D' - which is a
  $40 shareware package, other people like 'blender' (I can't
  stand it's weird user interface).  I'm currently working on
  a web-based project to write a new 3D modeller for Linux,
  it's called 'PrettyPoly' - but it probably won't be usable
  for at least a month.

* To display 3D objects in a game, you could write your own
  code to draw things using OpenGL (or Mesa - for Linux).
  Once again, it might be easier to start off with a higher
  level toolkit.  The one I use is 'PLIB' (which I wrote
  myself, another popular one is 'CrystalSpace'.

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