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Re: am i a major problem?

Evan Dudley 
     I don't know if I buy his story, to be honest I don't really care.
     but directing that kind of foul language is much worse than any of 
     Bill's posts.

whatyou want to do could be interseting, but I suggest you start to do a
little self study, learn what is actually involved in what you suggest.

     I know I'll probably get flamed for this, but, "lurk" for a day or two
before posting      to a list, see what level the list seems to be at, and
always do "a little" research before suggesting/asking somthing, that way
what you ask isn't on the top page of the documentation. you'll usually get
a better response if you can be specific.
         just a some suggestions.


I wont dignify what this is in response to by repeating it.

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