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Re: am i a major problem?

Angelo wrote:
> Evan Dudley
>      I don't know if I buy his story, to be honest I don't really care.

I don't buy it either - you can't home-school a kid for seven years
without him taking exams and without you getting home visits and stuff
from various child services...There is no way you could get away without
actually doing some schooling.

But what the heck.

>  ... but directing that kind of foul language is much worse than any of
>      Bill's posts.

> Bill
> whatyou want to do could be interseting, but I suggest you start to do a
> little self study, learn what is actually involved in what you suggest.
>      I know I'll probably get flamed for this, but, "lurk" for a day or two
> before posting      to a list, see what level the list seems to be at, and
> always do "a little" research before suggesting/asking somthing, that way
> what you ask isn't on the top page of the documentation. you'll usually get
> a better response if you can be specific.
>          just a some suggestions.

I wrote Bill a LONG private email, explaining why writing clear emails
(with capitals and stuff) matters - and how he needs to check out some
of these wilder ideas before posting - and suggested that he start with
something within his grasp...everything you just said.

He replied with *another* six dumb ideas - all in lowercase.

I give up.

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