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Re: am i a major problem?

>I wrote Bill a LONG private email, explaining why writing clear emails
>(with capitals and stuff) matters - and how he needs to check out some
>of these wilder ideas before posting - and suggested that he start with
>something within his grasp...everything you just said.
>He replied with *another* six dumb ideas - all in lowercase.

Ah. One of THOSE...

Oh I hate those. I used to work with one of them. He used to go off on these
rants about how doing anything PCs was pointless because they'd never acheive
the rendering capabilities of the Amiga, he was always trying to convince people
he'd become a millionaire making electricity out of perpetual motion machines,
and this FANTASTIC inability both to understand physics and to know that he
didn't understand it. He though there were three basic forces: magnetism, "that
spinny thing you get on wheels" and "something else, but that's not important".
"What about gravity?" "Oh, that's just a magnetism..."

"Why are these header files not wrapped?" <I explain header file wrappers> "Why
would you want to do that?" <I explain about making sure all the symbols define
only once> "NO! It's important people know to include all the header files only
once and in the right order!!" "Why?" "Because otherwise the code that they make
will get made more than once!"  "Why do your header files produce code?"

That was a fantastic ride. People used to send bills in for field-fixing
equipment, several times over at 1/2million quid a time for mistakes in building
projects. Their idea of a source archive was a big fireproof safe with floppy
disks thrown into it. They'd would leave 30 line statistics calculations
uncommented and write lines that read " break; /* Stop dealing with this case
now */"


There are people who should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER be let near computers. I'm not
sure we shouldn't cull them at birth, these things BREED!! We let them