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Re: .obj question

Erik wrote:

> > You are probably thinking of OGL-GAMEDEV-C, the grandiosely named
> > "OpenGL Developers Consortium" (which it isn't BTW).
> consortium, that's what the C's for... I've been trying to figure it out but
> have been clueless, thinking maybe it was for "card" since they flame everyone
> with a programming or software type question, but like to talk about
> non-standard card features and how great they are :/

I may have actually been guilty of doing some of the flaming.  It's
really important that OGL-GAMEDEV-C doesn't become just a clone of
OPENGL-GAMEDEV-L.  Whenever I accuse them of running a competitive
list (a great sin IMHO), they assure me it's a narrowly focussed
list...but it isn't - people still ask newbie questions, general
gamedev questions, etc, etc.  So, I tell people to take their content
over to OPENGL-GAMEDEV-L where it belongs...I apologise if it comes
out sounding like a flame.
> _C is the one, I was told to sign up for it for good opengl info, and have only
> seen a bunch of egotistical assholes demonstrating how *NOT* to run a mailing
> list... :/

There hasn't been a message on it for about a month - I think it's dead.

Mission accomplished  <evil grin>

Dunno what to suggest about your .obj problem though.  :-(

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