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Re: .obj question

On 14 Jan 00, at 16:04, Cubesoft wrote:

> > Do you have any suggestions? I'm considering hand-editing the models I have
> > (ones 1652 faces, the others only 132), or attempting to switch formats and
> > start over :/ ). I looked on the web for specs on .3ds files, but the few hits
> > that looked promising were dead links :/ 
> Crystal Space got special permissions to use a program, called something like "impexp", in LGPL
> code.  It works by comnveting several formats to its own format, then converts it out as the
> desired format.  This instantly gave Crystal Space close to native support for about 5 more model
> formats, including 3ds, so maybe you might want to look at the code, or see if you can use it
> yourself
> http://crystal.linuxgames.com
> http://crystal.sourceforge.net
> http://sourceforge.net/project/?group_id=649

	Another suggestion: Xclient, in the worldforge project, reads 
3ds files if I'm not mistaken. You can try reading the source for it or 
talking with it's developer. 

http://www.worldforge.org in the section Clients

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