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Re: Introduction

>I've been lurking from the shadows for a very long time now
>so I decided it would be only polite to introduce myself.

Fair enough. Hello.

>My laziness is the primary reason for not showing up earlier.
>The fact that I'm very busy at the moment, studying for my exams,
> would be another reason.

We'll not fry you this time, ok?

>The list goes on...

>1)  I believe someone on this list(I deleted that mail) was searching
>for a 3ds format specification. Here are some files that could
>help him(they helped me a lot).
>I found and downloaded the files before switching to Linux so they
>are in .zip format.

Nice. I'll snag those. Not that I've got a ton of meshes in 3ds format
I need to fiddle with or anything...

I'm always stunned about how hard it is to find info about things like this:
think they'd want everyone to know about so they use the product. Bah!

>2)  Could anyone recommend me a good SDK(s) for input handling and sound
>that can work with Mesa and is easy to learn?

GLUT does input OK. Or, failing that, have a look at the GLQuake source. They've
got X11 and console input
stuff that should give you ideas - they just have a regular X11 message pump.
The console version uses the svgalib stuff.

Sound is a bit hairier: it's decoupled from Mesa, so anything goes, but I've not
found a ton of stuff about it. My systems minion
is playing with sound code ATM, but he's doing it at the fopen("/dev/dsp")
level. There are a few APIs about. I bet PLIB's got support in it.