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Input SDK

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for responding
to my introducton message so promptly.

There are some things I should set straight before more damage
is done and someone else's time is wasted.

My question was far too brief and that was my mistake.

Sound isn't such a big problem. It was mentioned by the way,
along with the input(which is the REAL question).I will probably
use OSS.

GLUT was suggested concerning the input that works with Mesa.
I've been looking at GLUT before and I found it is very nice
and simple to work with. It is great for small and medium OpenGL
projects, like demos and such. I'm sure I will use GLUT for most
of my OpenGL programs. On the other hand, GLUT has many serious 
limitations(correct me if I'm wrong). It has no support for mouse.
It has a framework which I hate and wish it could go away. I just
can't stand that kind of limitations imposed on my code. Keyboard
support isn't so great either.
I need some kind of keyboard system that has an array of key states.
I could then check at any time wich ones of the keys are pressed
and which ones aren't.
At first I thought SDL will be perfect but, much to my despair, I
found out that SDL doesn't work with Mesa(at least not yet and at 
least not the stable version of SDL). I tried to make SDL work with
Mesa by rewriting parts of SDL code. Finaly, I gave up because I don't
like rewriting somebody else's code and it just doesn't seem like
a right thing to do(it is better to wait for original coders to do it
for me).
The other choice is of course Xlib. I'm not much of a X guru(in fact,
I have virtualy no experience at all with Xlib programming).
It doesn't seem so complicated but I will still use it as a 
last resort.

I thank you for your time and hope I haven't bored you too much with
my little problems :))