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RE: Introduction

On 17-Jan-2000 Ivan Zivkovic wrote:
> I've been lurking from the shadows for a very long time now
> so I decided it would be only polite to introduce myself.
> My laziness is the primary reason for not showing up earlier.
> The fact that I'm very busy at the moment, studying for my exams,
>  would be another reason.
> The list goes on...
> Enough about me. Let's get to business:
> 1)    I believe someone on this list(I deleted that mail) was searching 
> for a 3ds format specification. Here are some files that could
> help him(they helped me a lot).
> I found and downloaded the files before switching to Linux so they
> are in .zip format.

cool, thnx

> 2)    Could anyone recommend me a good SDK(s) for input handling and sound
> that can work with Mesa and is easy to learn?

lately I've been thinking that using a general game sdk and attaching opengl to
it via glx would be the best route in terms of ease, capability, and
portability. The sdk I've been thinking of personally is sdl, as it's very
light and in C. clanlib and plib are c++ and both utilize opengl (clanlib just
added the gl target). I'm sure there are plenty of other sdk's that have ogl
support or can be bound to ogl... :) just a matter of finding time to wade thru
them and seeing which ones fit your needs, then choosing which ones feels best
for you, which is something you need to decide yourself :) (oh yeah, if I don't
mention crystal space, jorrit will post saying it can do everything ;)

> As the exams are approaching, I will be posting less frequently but I will 
> keep on reading all my mail.
> P.S. I apologize for any typos. They are not typos :) .
>       It's just that english is not my native language.

typos are typos, no matter what your background ;) but typos happen, 

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