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RE: Is the text parser extinct?

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De: MadCat13 <madcat13@bellsouth.net>
Para: linuxgames@sunsite.auc.dk <linuxgames@sunsite.auc.dk>
Fecha: Jueves, 20 de Enero de 2000 07:48 a.m.
Asunto: Is the text parser extinct?

Hi all, I've been lurking here a while, but this is my first post.


I've been considering the idea of an adventure/rpg game where the player
would be able to perform simple or repetitive commands with mouse clicks,
but the game would have a text parser for the more complex commands.

Text parsers seem to scare some people away though.  I don't think that it
would be that hard to program, but would it be worth it?

            Working with things like YACC/LEX maybe not; I have the same
impression like you but in my old days with Sinclairs and C64 there was some
sort of magic tha sorrounded the programming of parsers.