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RE: Is the text parser extinct?

On 20-Jan-2000 MadCat13 wrote:
> Hi all, I've been lurking here a while, but this is my first post.
> Anyway:
> I've been considering the idea of an adventure/rpg game where the player
> would be able to perform simple or repetitive commands with mouse clicks, but
> the game would have a text parser for the more complex commands.
> Text parsers seem to scare some people away though.  I don't think that it
> would be that hard to program, but would it be worth it?

muds, mushes, and moos seem to be alive and strong... (but mud players are
often an odd folk :)

> P.S.  Ideally, a player would be able to complete the game without using the
> parser, but it would allow much more creativity within the game.

like uo or eq with a text field? with the proliferation of windows, I think
that a lot of people are scared of keyboards. They learn computers with an
attitude of clicking icons and learn that the mouse is the "right" way and the
keyboard is "wrong", an obsolete peice of junk waiting to be replaced...
(talking to new linux users seems to tell me that my supposition is correct,
they want X and they want buttons and they refuse to touch the keyboard. at
least that's my general experience)...

how much of a difference would the keyboard make? diablo and I think uo already
allow relatively large action sets using the mouse, and clicking a monster is a
lot faster than typing "attack monster<enter>"... :/

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