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Re: Is this list still alive?

On Thursday 11 January 2001 17:18, Steve Baker wrote:

> > Especially not for Linux?
> No - I don't think Linux makes games writing any harder.  It's arguable
> that it doesn't make it any easier either...but I'm not so sure about
> that.

I'm sure it doesn't make it harder (now that we have XFree4+DRI, ALSA, 
OpenAL, ...) and it can even make it easier (with the free higher-level 
toolkits out there). But that's only for the programming part. 
Linux still doesn't have much in the area of tools for artists, and 
there's nothing both affordable and comparable to the stuff the 
commercial game developers use (3DSMax etc).

> Also, I think we are working too much as individuals - teams of 4 or 5
> people would work better.

discussion bait: How well does bazaar-style teamwork work for games? 
Games usually need a strong coherent vision among the team, and that's 
difficult to achieve as we all know.

On the other hand - OSS makes it quite easy to use one codebase for 
multiple games (similar to the FPS mods - several of them can be seen as 
different games).
But I don't see this really happening. There are no libfirstpersion.so, 
libDND_rules.so, libsidescroller.so

> > Discussions? Or are we dead and buried?

... asks the author of "Zombie" :)

> I think that more of us need to join in with existing games development
> efforts rather than starting new projects.


I also think there's little, well, "professional knowledge" on game 
development in the "OSS scene". I mean, it's like with GUI development 
some years ago - GUIs looked awful, were inconsistent and no good 
high-level UI toolkits existed.
Perhaps that's not a good comparison, but I think you understand what I 

Christian Reiniger
LGDC Webmaster (http://sunsite.dk/lgdc/)

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