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Re: Is this list still alive?

On Thu, 11 Jan 2001, Christian Reiniger wrote:

>On Wednesday 10 January 2001 20:32, voidstar wrote:
>> sorry but I dont receive messages anymore,
>> Just the last 4 mails about Christian Reiniger
>apparently interest has died down :(

We need something concrete to discuss, I think. General gaming issues
don't seem to raise too much interest, and specific games usually have
their own mailing-lists etc. Generic discussions tend to die quite fast.
Personally I'm interested in discussions about programming games, but I
haven't seen any discussions about such topics for a while.

[ discussion bait below ]

Or is it a sad fact that individuals are not able to create games anymore
that meet today's standards? Especially not for Linux? Companies with much
dedicated resources (Loki for instance) seem to be able to do something,
but they merely port stuff. Maybe 99% of people are put off by the fact
that they could never create something that would remotely even look as
good as commercial games. People aim too high and never get anything
completed (I speak from experience here). 

Is gaming on Linux dying before it even started? Personally I play games
on my PS2, but still work on a Linux gaming project in my spare time. I
hope it will become truly great one day, but the most important thing is
to get something simple out of the door and then later focus on making it
better. But I don't ever think we'll see truly great and innovative games
on Linux, merely ports of old games. Yes, I'm a bit pessimistic, and no, I
don't have any Windows box for gaming all the games I would like to, so
I'm all pro-Linux. 

Discussions? Or are we dead and buried?

Jan 'Chakie' Ekholm |     Balrog New Media    http://www.balrog.fi/
   Linux Inside     | I'm the blue screen of death, nobody hears your screams

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