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Re: Is this list still alive?

On Thu, Jan 11, 2001 at 04:35:31PM +0200, Jan Ekholm wrote:
> Or is it a sad fact that individuals are not able to create games anymore
> that meet today's standards? Especially not for Linux? Companies with much
> dedicated resources (Loki for instance) seem to be able to do something,
> but they merely port stuff. Maybe 99% of people are put off by the fact
> that they could never create something that would remotely even look as
> good as commercial games. People aim too high and never get anything
> completed (I speak from experience here). 
I think a lot of people get discouraged by the sheer amount of work and effort
involved. Open Source games aren't like opensource applications because you
can't release the beginnings of a game and expect people to start using it. A
game isn't a game until its something you can sit down and interact with and
enjoy, and I think a lot of people learn this the hard way. If you are aiming
high then you need a dedicated group of people working with you and who are
going to stay with you at least until you have something people can play,
because its very, very hard to get people interested and working with you on a
project that is just something like a white dot (soon to be you, the heroic
warrior) being chased by a square (the hoards of that Tyrant Zark). You need
like minded people to begin with and, unfortunately, they are *not* two a

> Discussions? Or are we dead and buried?
Only just getting warmed up.

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Bother, said Pooh, as Windows swapped out again.

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